Frederick Clay Peithman

Born in Portland, Oregon on November 21, 1936


Fred always told his family that his christened name was William Thomas O'Flarety and his biological father was from Ireland and his biological mother was a young woman from Hood River, Oregon.  He was adopted by a wonderful, loving couple, Genevieve and Ed Peithman, and he couldn't have had a better life. He picked perfect parents.


Fred grew up in Seattle and went to a small Baptist College in Linville, Oregon.  He always said he especially loved chasing all the ministers daughters who had never been away from home.   He then joined the Air Force and spent time in Korea and at Bowling Air Force Base in Washington DC.  Unfotrunately, he knew his Air Force career was over when he was engaged to a General's daughter and he called off the wedding the day before they were to be married.  The General  called him into his office several days later and said that he might want to think about having another career.   


Later,  he met and married Davideen Price in 1959 and had three children;  Ed Peithman and wife Gloria, Leslie Williamson and husband Jeff,  and Cassandra Bailey and husband Victor.  Fred was blessed to have five grandchildren who are all with us today.  Gene, Stephanie, Amanda, Kelly and Sam


His children and grandchildren were his pride and joy and he felt fortunate that they are all enjoying happy and successful lives.


Fred and his wife Marti met on a golf course in San Diego  in 1981.   They both always said that was their lucky day. 
Their marriage has been filled with love and laughter for 29 years.  They were suited for each other in every way.


Fred had a successful career in public safety but the two jobs he held in his retirement years meant the most to him.  He was a substitute teacher at Tuscola High School where he touched the lives of so many students.  That's where he got his name "Pops" which has stuck with him for the past several years. He always got hugs from his former students when he went out and about in Waynesville because he had positively affected so many of their lives.  Wherever he went, they always said he was the best teacher they ever had and they loved and respected him.   


He also loved driving the tram at Lake Junaluska for many summers.  It was always fun because his high school students would come over to meet the visitors coming into town and they would all jump on his tram and ride up and down the Lake with him. 


Fred's greatest love other than Marti was Golf.  He began playing as a young child at the age of five and continued until his illness.  It wasn't unusual for him to play five days a week at Lake Junaluska, and he loved every minute of it.  During his lifetime, he had 14 holes in one and even had one on a Par 4. 


Fred was also a collector.  He had a huge collection of sea shells  from all over the world.  One year he decided to collect aluminum cans from the golf course and make some money.  After several weeks of bringing home bags of soft drink and  stinky beer cans, his garage was completely full.  He and his daughter sold them for a whopping sum of $72.


He always loved going to the golf course early each morning and picking up golf balls in the early morning dew.  He had hundreds of balls which he cleaned and packaged as "Collector balls", "excellent", "new", "not so new" and "used".  He then either sold the balls or turned them back in for cart rides. Fred's wife, Marti,would always honk at him on her way to work each morning when she saw him in the eleventh hole creek with his ball retiever.  She loved starting her day seeing her husband so happy.


Fred's greatest gift to everyone are the stories he has shared with each and every one of us.  Remember the stories and keep Fred in your hearts as he will be in ours.